Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Order Temptation

New Order's "Temptation" is an epic song. Unfortunately, no one can settle which is the best version. The 1987 Substance version is a bit pop and catchy but it doesn't have the warmth of the original 1981 12". I like both but have a strong leaning toward the original. The 1987 version came out during the time when CD players first started gaining popularity. I clearly remember paying $12 for the two disc Substance CD at my local record store. That CD survived many scratches throughout the years.

Here are a collection of versions throughout the years.

Temptation 12" original. In my opinion, this by far the best when played off vinyl. I have both the 12" record and various CD digital imports.  The 12" vinyl was one of the most expensive UK imports I remember paying for.  The CD re-masters do not capture the warmth of the original recording. The lack of polish, the crackle and imperfections in the original studio recording gives the song great personality.

The 2007 Substance version (also known as Trainspotting soundtrack version). Sounds almost like a dance pop track.

Now for some live versions which are great on their own

Live in Glasglow (2006)

LIVE At Finsbury Park 2002

Live in NY 1981. This is New Order at its infancy. I think this is the first live recording of Temptation.

A 1984 Studio live recording.

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